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at Countryside
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We will be posting surveys here on fun and serious topics so that you might interact with us and provide feedback.

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Test Poll
What is your favorite color?
I think too many people are left handed
This poll makes no sense???
Time for my medicine

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Version 3.0

Test Poll
My Favorite Fountains @ Countryside resident is...
That guy who moved out last week. You know, what's his name. 42
The creepy guy in the wheelchair 4
The cute blond who walks 6 different dogs 4
The squirrel who hangs out in front of Bldg G 3
Scamp the dog 1
I think her name is Betty 1
That dude with the goatee 0

Total votes: 55

Version 3.0

Test Poll
Test - How many toes do you have on each foot?
10 total...7 on one foot and 3 on the other.
None. I'm a mermaid. See you at the pool.
Don't know. I haven't been able to see my feet in years.
I'm kinda shy. I don't take my shoes off for just anybody {{{ BLUSH}}}

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Version 3.0

Last updated July 7, 2011